Overland Track – last minute post

Frank is off to Tasmania in about 3 hrs to walk the Overland Track from Cradle Mountain to Lake St Clair. Alan, who he met via “Our Hiking Blog” and a mate, Leon will be joining the group.

Weirdly, we are all on different flights into Launceston and will meet up at the airport.

Alan contacted me via the blog several months ago and we organised to do the Overland Track together. He arrived in Sydney from New Jersey on Saturday to visit his daughter. Somehow….he was able to squeeze a trip to Tasmania and the Overland Track into his visit! Alan has agreed to write a post about organising to do the Overland Track from overseas. We will be very interested to read his thoughts.
Leon is a late starter in the party and it will also be his first Overland Track experience.

Because of Alan’s time limits, the walking plan is as follows:
– Windemere Hut (skipping Waterfall Valley Hut)
– Pelion Hut
– Kia Ora Hut (hopefully with a trip up Mt Ossa on the way)
– Windy Ridge or Narcissus Hut (depending on the weather)
– Out to Cynthia Bay by ferry or walking the lake depending on the weather. We have until 4:30 pm to catch the bus to Hobart

We have many ideas for future posts from this trip including:
– planning the menu
– transport arrangements
– sharing gear
– getting spare clothing to Hobart ….and much more.

In reality, this is the least prepared I have ever felt to undertake this walk so it will be interesting how the trip works out. You will be the first to know!


  1. Ryan says

    Hi Frank This is Ryan and Kendall. It was great meeting you guys on the Overlander and I hope you enjoyed the rest of the walk as much as we did. We as usuall arrived at Pine Valley after dark on Saturday night. Only to meet our Isralie friend Dor and awake to a beautiful sunny day to clime the Acropolyis on Sunday. It made all the days of rain worth while. We spent the next couple of days with Dor to become great friends.

    On another note did Leon by any chance leave his rain pants at Ki Ora? I found a pair left behind that looked just like his. If so I brought them to the Lake St. Claire Visitors center. They will be there in the lost in found.

    I hope all is well and we will catch you next time. Oh yeah if you want to climb some mountains come to Colorado.

    Ryan and Kendall.


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