Blisters, sore feet? These socks really work!

Have you got problems with blisters from hiking?

What are the best hiking socks for backpacking?

How can your reduce sore feet and red spots using socks that don’t rub?

Cursed with blister and sore feet when hiking , Sue is very happy to report on a blister free trip. On her recent Overland Track hike in Tasmania, Sue wore Injinji socks for the entire trip. Her feet were fantastic, no blisters, no hot spots.

Sue’s feet in her Injinji Outdoor Series tetratsok’s

Sue’s story:
One of the downsides of walking for me in the past has been sore feet and blistered toes – really, really sore feet.

I consulted a podiatrist hoping he would provide a magic solution. I taped my toes with Vaseline impregnated gauze. I got new boots a size larger. No real improvement.

Late last year I happened across an advertisement for socks in a hiking magazine. I found a retailer in Melbourne. No joy as they only stocked the sports variety. I was desperate (we were going away in a week) I rang the Australian distributor, Paul, on a Sunday morning. He kindly offered to post the socks ASAP. They arrived on Tuesday and I wore them the following weekend. My feet were sore but no blisters. Coincidentally, we met a walker from Queensland with the same feet issues with the same socks. As this was only a short walk both in distance and time I didn’t think it was a true reflection of the socks ability.

I wore these socks on my recent solo Overland adventure – 5 days, carrying up to 20kgs and my feet have never felt better. They look and feel no different to having walked to the shops. Such joy, such bliss, no blisters, no black toes. What fantastic brilliant socks and such a simple solution

Happy feet

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  1. sally in norfolk says

    i too always suffer with sore aching feet and sometime blisters too BUT these socks look so uncomfortable think i will give them a miss

  2. Frank and Sue says

    Hi Sally, Thanks for dropping by. Sue has worn these socks on a couple of trips and absolutely loves them. She used to get really bad blisters on her little toes and tey stopped them!I believe they are very comfortable.

  3. Sam says

    Thanks for the hat tip! I have been trying to find a good pair of socks for hiking… my feet are feeling the pain of using plain cotton all these years.

    Are these made from wool, synthetic or a blend?

  4. Frank and Sue says

    Hi Sam,
    Thanlks for the comment. Sorry I have been slow replying but I have been hiking in Tasmania.
    The socks are a blend, Sue loves em!!

  5. Adriaan says

    I Hiked the Australian Alps Walking Track end to end in 2004, not 1 blister, I used a pair of ankle length stockings under my normal socks, works a treat

    Happy Hiking

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