The Overland Track – Track images

Walking the Overland Track in Tasmania is a goal for many hikers from around the world. The pristine wilderness, spectacular views and isolation are all much sought after by keen bushwalkers.

While you undertake this great journey, a significant part of your time is spent looking at the track and where your feet are falling. This post is made up of images of “The Track”. Much of it is “duck boarded” to prevent erosion and reduce the environmental impact on this delicate area, so if you plan to undertake the Overland Track, you will see a lot of it!

Unless noted, all the fantastic photo’s are by Rick McCharles from his Flickr album on the Overland Track. Rick, a Canadian, maintains an excellent site called and his report on The Overland Track is well worth a read. He has also ranked it as one of the Top 10 Hikes in the World!

The old track, easy to fall with a full pack

Going into Pine Valley by leighblackall. Yep, we have had it like that too!

Mix of old and new track work, Barn Bluff to the left, Cradle Mountain right

Skinny track, note the old track it is covering, like a trench.

A dry day

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