GPS – Waypoints and Tracks – Tasmania Overland Track, South Coast Track , Great Ocean Walk, Thorsborne Trail

Looking for GPS track or route information for some of Australia’s premium bushwalking tracks?

Need waypoints, track , campsite or huts locations or routes for?

  • The Overland Track – Tasmania
  • Walls of Jerusalum to Overland Track – Tasmania
  • The Great Ocean Walk – Victoria
  • Thorsborne Trail – Hinchinbrook Island – Queensland
  • South Coast Track – Tasmania

We often get searches on “Our Hiking Blog” regarding this information, but are rarely contacted, so we decided to post and declare our willingness to share this information with anyone who takes the time to email us.

Erik Charlton trying to get a satellite on his GPS at the North Pole

We have been using a Garmin eTrex Legend Cx GPS for the last few years and have all the track files and waypoints from each walk we have undertaken since that time. You will probably need Mapsource to read the files.

So, if you are planning a walk in any area covered in “Our Hiking Blog”, send us an email or read our post Which GPS for Hiking?  We will happily share them.




  1. Steve Hill says

    Hi, do you have track and campsite waypoint information for the Great Ocean Walk? This would be much appreciated,

  2. todd says

    Hi i was wondering if you could email me the track/co-ordinates for the south coast track. Doing it solo and would like the peace of mind of the gps.

  3. John says


    Can you please forward the waypoints for the The Overland Track – Tasmania? I am going there in a few weeks time. And very excited about it. I picked up a Garmin eTrex for this trip!

    Also, i wish to do the The Great Ocean Walk sometime soon and would love to have the waypoints for that too.

    Thanks in advance!


  4. Ray says

    Hi Frank,
    We’re going to hike the Great Ocean Walk over the long weekend. Any chance I could have the gps track for that?
    Thanks, Ray

  5. Ash says

    Hi! I was wondering if you have any information on the Western Arthurs. I am planning a full traverse, and I am keen to find some GPS files with topo information for the track. If you don’t have any such files yourselves, do you know anywhere I might be able to buy some?


    • Frank says

      Hi Ash,
      Sorry mate, we don’t have the Western Arthur traverse. I have a tiny amount of it from this trip: but it is really only the first couple of days and I have not edited them so they are all over the place.

      You could try and see if anyone has them. Just an advanced warning, they (and I agree) will want to be pretty sure you are experienced before sharing anything. It is not a walk in the park! Be safe.

      • Ash says

        Thanks Frank! I’ll check out the forum you suggested, since commenting last I’ve tracked down a few gpx files on this trek from different sources but it will be good to compare. Also no worries, I’m aware that the trek is far from being an introductory hike and I have extensive experience in the backcountry including orienteering. Hopefully the weather will be slightly better than 75% cloudy eh? Thanks again!

        • Frank says

          No worries Ash,
          Hope you find something. The track is pretty well marked but NO WHERE near like the easier ones such as the Overland Track. We managed to get lost for 1.5 hours in very low cloud. Even with a GPS……
          Good luck, be safe.

        • says

          Hi Ash (sorry to high-jack the comments Frank),

          We are 4 people planning our trip to the Western Arthurs’ this Easter and wondering if you have managed to get a hold of the full traverse gpx files (or you might now have your own?) you are willing to share?

          We are all experienced hikers, having done many longer hikes, including in Tasmania and NZ and know what we are getting into. We have the John Chapman book with maps and notes and will be getting the topo maps of the area too, but would like to have the gps files too.

          Thanks for your help.

          Kind regards,
          Jude (email address is jonandjude at gmail dot com)

  6. Judi White says

    I downloaded your book on the overland track and found it great. I now want to get a GPS just to play with it on the track as practice for other trecks. I am about to choose between an E trek 30 and an Oregon 450, but would love to have the waypoints for the Overland Track.Is this still possible ?

    Also I believe that Basecamp has replaced Mapsource , is this still OK to use Shonkymaps?


  7. Michel says

    Hi Frank
    Also interested in the Hinchinbrook gps files. Thanks.

    Anybody knows the status after Yasi? Same course, same campsites?


  8. Chris says

    Hi Frank
    I’m doing a Lee’s-Ossa-Never Never-WoJ -ish loop in a few months and would appreciate your WoJ to Overland gps track.

  9. Heath says

    Hi Frank,

    I’m walking the Overland Track this xmas and was wondering if you would be so kind as to email me any waypoints, tracks our route files you may have. Great site by the way!



  10. Shaun says

    Hi Frank,

    Can you help me out with waypoints and route files for the South Coast Track? I’m looking to do the walk with my son in April. We’ve allowed 8 days, hoping to have a rest day after the ironbounds, and hoping we don’t need to use our spare day before hand.

    Shaun & James.

  11. Robert Karoly says

    Dear Frank

    I would love to have a copy of your GPS files for Hinchinbrook Island if you still have them. Also do you have any details of the route up Mt Bowen?

    Rob K

  12. Pete Watson says

    Hello, could I also get the Hinchinbrook waypoints please? Does anyone have a GPS track up/down Mt Bowen? Will exchange for beer…?

  13. Russell says


    I’m trying to track down the GPS coordinates for the campsites along the Great Ocean Walk. Could you email them to me if you have them?



  14. JackandBarb says

    Great service you are providing! Barb and I planning a DIY Great Ocean Walk this summer. Any Garmin GPS data on the walk will be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks! Jack (CA, USA)

  15. Sergej says


    My wife and i are coming to Tassi from Europe in January and we plan on doing South Coast Track, Walls of Jerusalem, Mount Anne Circuit,Frenchmans Cap…

    Up in this page i saw that you have track files for:
    – The Overland Track – Tasmania
    – Walls of Jerusalum to Overland Track – Tasmania
    – South Coast Track – Tasmania

    Could you please send this files to me? Do you also have some other Tassi track files? Mount Anne, Frenchman?

    Thank you,
    Mojca & Sergej

  16. Jamie says

    Hi Frank
    My partner and I are doing south coast track and was hoping you could send track waypoints, I can not send email through your link for some reason

    Thanks in advance


    • Frank says

      No worries Jamie,
      I have shot them to you by email. I tested the email address on the page and it works so not sure what the problem is!
      Enjoy the mud 😉

  17. Peter Craig says

    Hi Frank,

    I am heading down to do the Overland Track in winter. I was wondering if you could forward me your way points for Garmin GPS?

    Many thanks in advance


  18. Jack Huang says

    Hi Frank,

    I’m heading onto the Overland Track in a few days, could you please send me the gps waypoint data?

    Thanks heaps,

  19. Ben Noblet says

    Hi, love the site and the ebook.

    I’m heading to the overland track on Saturday. Would love a set of GPS waypoints please!


  20. annie brown says

    Hi Frank
    My husband and I are going to walk from the walls of Jerusalem through to the overland track in January. I was hoping that you would be able to send me the gps coordinates for the Never Never section of the walk . We will be using a Garmin ETrex 20 for the walk.
    Thanks for the site and the coordinates in advance.
    annie b

  21. Caroline says

    Hi Frank,

    We are planning on walking from the Overland to the WOJ via the NeverNever in February. Any info you think might be helpful would be greatly appreciated.


  22. Richard White says

    Hi Frank!

    I am doing a GIS project at uni ( I am at the University of Tasmania) and would appreciate your track data for the South Coast track. Anything you have that will help me map the route would be great – would you mind emailing me?! Thanks Frank!


    Richard White

  23. Chris says

    Hi Frank,

    I’m hoping to walk the overland track in early September for a bit of adventure. Would love a set of GPS waypoints and track file if possible.

    Thanks for any help


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