Tiger snake meets a frog – no conversation just a quick nibble!

Tiger snakes are common in Tasmania where we do a lot of hiking and backpacking.

They are extremely venomous Australian snakes and we often see them along bushwalking tracks.

In this post, we were just back from a short trip into the Walls of Jerusalem in Tasmania where we were lucky enough to camp next to Paul and Grant at Wild Dog Creek. They told us about seeing a very large tiger snake having a quick snack on a frog while having a break beside a tarn.

They saw the tiger snake emerge from the water and Paul was able to grab his camera and catch the action as it grabbed the frog. The frog is a little hard to see, but they assure us, it was a frog, as they were close enough to see all the action!

Later on Paul sent us a still photo of the snake with the frog hanging out of its mouth.

You can check out the picture here: Snake with the leg or part of the frog protruding from it’s mouth , check it out.


  1. Anonymous says

    Geeezzzzz Thank Christ I wasn,t there. I would have run a marathon after seeing that black baby. cheers David from Camperdown

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