Excellent Victorian Walking Resource

We were contacted recently by Bob Padula from Mont Albert, in the east of Melbourne letting us know about his walking related web pages and blog. We had a good look around this afternoon and discovered a gold mine of information that has been put together by Bob.

In Bob’s own words:

I am a Professional Engineer, providing technical consultancy services in the area of high-frequency broadcasting – I graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in 1967, and was employed by Telstra Corporation until 1998.

I have been actively involved in bushwalking since 1954, and regularly undertake short walks around Greater Melbourne and nearer country areas. I also have a passion for digital photography, 4WDing along unmade roads, and exploration of parks, reserves, sanctuaries, coasts and mountains!

This Guide contains details of walks I have completed in the period from March 2005, and most can be completed by anyone with a moderate level of fitness. Some walks are suitable for persons with limited mobility.

Most walks described are located in the general area around Melbourne, but there are many further afield!

In publishing this free Guide, and sharing my knowledge and experiences through the Internet, it is with the hope that it will encourage readers to set aside some time to venture regularly into the Victorian countryside and enjoy the beauty and scenery which it offers, and at the same time support the development and maintenance of an appropriate level of fitness.

This is the link to Bob’s comprehensive walking site : GUIDE TO SHORT WALKS IN VICTORIA I started counting all the walks that were listed and decided to stop at 100+ . Lets just say there are a LOT of walks described there!

Bob also keeps a Blog he describes as:
A Chronological Journal of my bushwalking activities, which is updated whenever I complete a new walk. My bushwalking is mostly short half-day journeys in Victoria, Australia, and the entries highlight the places visited, with some humor added! Here is the link – BOB’S AUSTRALIAN BUSHWALKING JOURNAL

Just have to say, great stuff Bob, excellent resources to encourage people to get out and about!


  1. Bob Padula says

    Hello Frank and Sue,

    Thanks for the write-up about the Short Walks Guide – certainly appreciated!

    There are over 400 walks described in the Guide.

    More on the way!

    Dunno about the Cats – like Essendon and Brisbane, good seasons are followed by poor ones. I’ve followed the Hawks for several eons, and they may be on the way back!

    BTW, watch out for something new I am about to launch – “HIKING VICTORIA” – a free web-based service for people like you and I to get together on-line! It will also have a Chat area!

    Regards from Mont Albert.

    Bob Padula

  2. Frank and Sue says

    Thanks Bob,
    Not sure if you have checked out the “Bushwalking in Tasmania” forum. There is a link on our blog. It is only new but has the potential to be an excellent resource. Inside knowledge……
    btw, remember ’89, good year for the Hawks!

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