Aushiker – Western Australian Hiking resource

Came across an excellent resource for anyone who is planning a walk in Western Australia. Andrew Priest from Perth has developed a wonderful site centred around getting out into the W.A. bush and enjoying not only hiking but Geocaching and Waymarking. There are also sections with gear reviews, track reports and cycling information. Have a look at Aushiker to see if you agree.
In Andrew’s own words he has developed the site with:
“The primary focus of this website is bushwalking in Australia, and in particular the south-west of Western Australia. Bushwalking is the Australian term for hiking (United States), tramping (New Zealand, rambling or walking (United Kingdom). The website does venture into associated areas such as Geocaching and Waymarking and other trails, e.g., Larapinta Trail and Munda Biddi Trail.”

Well done Andrew, and keep up the great walks and reports!

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