Vegetarian hiking food ideas

Vegetarian hiking food?
Tasty vegetarian treats from an experienced hiker and bushwalker?
Simple vegetarian food ideas for a multi day hiking trip?

Clare give us her ideas to keep any vegetarian happy with a full stomach on a hiking trip.

Clare, our eldest daughter, is in the second year of an Outdoor Education degree. She has done a lot of walks over the last two years and before that she worked at Wallangarra Outdoor Education Centre taking young people hiking in the mountains of East Gipplsand.


I’m a cereal girl and just measure it into which ever bowl I’m going to take
so I can see how much it looks like and then put that in a zip lock bag.
Other ideas that people from uni use: A guy I know hates muesli so took
bagels on a ski touring trip, eggs, dehydrates baked beans apparently come up
alright, porridge, Burcher muesli as well


Wraps (those taco types, they don’t get too stale too fast, I like the taste
and they fill me up a bit more)
Then in them I add:
I carry a block of cheese, just slice it up out there
sprouts (cheap and don’t go bad fast)
fresh beetroot
sweet peas
dip of some sort
really what ever I feel like when I’m at the supermarket


I take fresh food which is different to Mum and Dad, I’m a vego, and love fresh veggies, so depending on the length of the hike I take as much fresh as I can.

In a film canister I add together, 1 tsp of ground coriander, 1 tsp of
ground cumin, 1 tsp of chilli flakes and 1/2 tsp of turmeric.
I take a sachet of tomato paste
1 sachet of coconut milk powder
array of vegies and dried mushrooms

fry up onion, garlic and spices, add mixed up coconut milk and tomato paste,
then add any vegies. Cook until vegies are desired texture. Serve with
couscous or rice.

It’s really light

I have also just started taking a packet Tom Yum soup with rice noodles and
adding fresh vegies to that.

Pasta and pesto with parmesan cheese is an old fav and again I just add some vegies.

I did an 18 day bush walk at the start of the year and it was amazing to see
what people ate, some people ate dehydrated spag bol for every second night, some
had fresh veggies and cheese for the whole time (“It’s fine just cut the
green bits off, I think a lot of people would pay for this cheese”),
I generally had each meal three times, once a week.

One girl just dehydrated fresh vegies and combined them in lots of different
ways (carrot, zucchini, and capsicum in one packet and broccoli, beans and
carrot in another for example), then each night she would add different
sauces, spices, pesto, or herbs to create different meals with different

I suppose there are just some other ideas using fresher ingredients. It is up to you what you enjoy or how much effort you want to put into preparation and cooking.


  1. Maple Kiwi says

    Great ideas, thanks for sharing! For those who are into dehydrating, there’s a cookbook called Lipsmackin’ Vegetarian Backpackin’ by Christine Conners that apparently has amazing recipes for the trails! Not sure if it’s available in Oz, but sells it.

  2. VeganHiker says

    You are NOT a vegetarian if you eat tuna. Tuna is an animal – pretty basic stuff here Claire. You are spreading misinformation every time you or anyone else refers to you as vegetarian and you are making it harder for actual vegetarians anytime they try to order a vegetarian meal
    – Um, excuse my why does my vegetarian wrap have dead animals in it?
    – Oh my friend Claire is a vegetarian and she eats tuna
    – WRONG!

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