Bob Brown video

Now first of all apologies to our hiking purists for posting this video but I could not resist for two reasons. The first was that I wanted to learn how to post YouTube video’s just for fun…and lets face it we havn’t been hiking for a few weeks so the boredom levels are rising !!

The main reason I have posted this, is to show those of you who don’t know, how Bob Brown got involved in the environmental movement in Australia. The work that he has done for the environment, especially in Tasmania, deserves hero status. Today I stumbled across this video that was created by Australian Filmmaker Mark Shea. Mark has a website called Overlander tv which is a travel vlog featuring travel documentaries from around the world. He recently interviewed Bob for this video.

It really appealed to me because of our love of Tasmania, the fact that Sue’s dad Graeme once landed a plane on the beach at Lake Pedder (before it was flooded for hydroelectricity) , and we were in Strahan at the time of the blockade Bob talks about in the video. Thanks to Mark for the video.

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