Walls of Jerusalem to the Overland Track – Tasmania – Live’n on the Edge or was it in the COLD!!

Thought I would put up a few pictures to show some of the delightful scenery we came across on our recent walk. More words and pictures to come!!

Dixon’s Kingdom Hut in the Walls of Jerusalem

Inside the Hut , probably about 6pm

Lots of ice, everywhere…..

A lot of the walking on the last day or two was pretty difficult, icy, slippery and slow
In the “Never Never” early in the morning

The Never Never to a snow capped mountain on the Overland Track
Mt Ossa looking south from the Overland Track (Ossa is in cloud)


  1. Janette says

    Hi Frank,
    We are planning a trip to the Walls of Jerusalem in January. We plan to fly in via Launceston from Melbourne,, be transferred, and walk in on day one. We then plan on three nights there, one day to walk out to the Overland track and end up walking into the Labyrinth for another two days or one more night. The final day will be a walk out, ferry trip and transfer to Hobart This is our rough plan at this stage. Does this seem plausible to you? I am having some trouble getting an idea of time frames from the information I have We can probably not carry more than five nights of food. We are a family of five. Our youngest is 11. We walked the Overland last January and are keen to explore the area further. And where would you recommend getting onto the Overland track from the Walls?
    Many thanks, Janette.

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