Launceston to Dixon Kingdom Hut – Walls of Jerusalem to the Overland Track – Tasmania

The plan was for Clare, Sue, Colin, Gary and Frank to walk into the Walls of Jerusalem National Park, spend a day or two exploring and then head out via the “Never Never” to the Overland Track at Hartnet Falls and then north to Cradle Mountain. In particular, Cradle Mountain Lodge for a couple of recovery days.
The usual pick up was arranged with Simon from the Tasmanian Tour Company and we were ready to hike to Trappers Hut by 11am. Simon had kindly picked up some gas bottles and snow shoes from Backpackers Barn in Devonport. (thanks Kathy) We always appreciate the kindness and preparedness to “go the extra mile” when we deal with Tasmanians and they deal with our annoying requests to help with gear of transfers etc.
The picture below is after Simon had departed and we were getting ready for the first push, up hill, to Trappers Hut.
Below is the elevation of the first day. We started at about 700m and ended up at the Hut at 1300m. Trappers Hut is at about 1000m.

The walking track heads south east into forest and climbs gently past the information and registration shelter. After registration, we headed south east through tall forest climbing steadily to Trappers Hut. The “grunt” up to Trappers Hut soon got the blood rushing and all of us warmed up. It was great to see the beginnings of a light snow cover and we were looking forward to more of the same as we got to the higher elevation of “The Walls”.

Trappers Hut – a good lunch spot and OK for an overnighter if you were stuck!

Trappers Hut - Walls of Jerusalem

From the hut the clearly defined track heads south up the hill. This climbs 200m to a track junction and keeping to the left we continued to climb south east up a rocky track to the plateau. We then went southeast across the plateau, to the south east, King David peak came into view as the track heads directly towards it. It soon meets the shore of the main lake in the Solomons Jewel’s area. As the track starts to rise towards Herods Gate a number of timber platforms can be seen. This is the main camping area Parks suggests people use. It also has a great toilet! We were greeted with great views of Lake Salome with peaks and cliffs on either side. We all wondered when the dinosaurs would wonder across the plateau.

Below is a picture of the area before we reached the Walls. Every little tarn or lake we saw was frozen over……

There was a lot of snow on the track at this point and it was treacherous , especially on the timber boarding where previous walkers had compressed the snow into ice. From Herod’s gate we continued along the well marked track south-east along the southern side of Lake Salome. A climb of about 500 metres to a four way track at the saddle of Damascus gate. From Damascus Gate the track goes south east. Sidling the Temple before entering a extensive forest of pencil pines. We continued though the top edge of the forest descending to Dixon Kingdom hut. Dixon Kingdom Hut is a low hut built by Reg Dixon as a based for cattle grazing

Us looking like we had won the jackpot! Well we had, great place, no one else around, excellent company. What more could you ask for….mmmm maybe warm feet!

Dixon Kingdom Hut with Colin and Gary enjoying the view

Dixon Kingdom Hut - Walls of Jerusalem



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