Great Ocean Walk

The plan was to traverse most of the Great Ocean Walk. Helen and Deb would commence at Marengo (just outside Apollo Bay) and Sue, John and Frank would meet them at Glenaire (Aire River) and we would all walk through to Princetown (just before the end at Glenample Homestead) 

The Parks Victoria website describes the walk as:

One of the Worlds Great WalksThe Great Ocean Walk, on Victoria’s spectacular west coast, stretches 91 klms from the idyllic resort town of Apollo Bay to Glenample Homestead (near to the 12 Apostles). It passes through the beautiful National Parks and overlooks the Marine National Park and Sanctuary.


You can check out the official site here: Great Ocean Walk Site


Below is Helen on the western side of Marengo heading towards Blanket Bay.



Special thanks to Helen and Deb for letting us use some of their photos.

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  1. cherie price says

    Hi, our walking group are planning a walk on the Great Ocean Road. We are thinking of taking our 9 year old children. They are great walkers and completed Hinchinbrook last June without any problems. We are getting mixed stories about steep slopes and how it would be too far for the kids. What is your opinion? also we were thinking Easter time, would the weather still be warm enough for swimming etc or would we still have the unpredicatble weather changes at that time of the year.
    Many thanks, have enjoyed reading all your adventures.

    • Frank says

      Hi Cherie,
      Thanks for dropping by!
      I reckon if they did Hinchinbrook they would be fine with the Great Ocean Walk. The steep slopes are not too steep and the track is less “rough”. I struggled a bit on Hinchinbrook with some of the open rocky tracks (did not wear boots…) If you just plan to go from site to site i.e. not skip any sites , you should all have pretty easy and enjoyable days.

      Easter is great down that way, it is a bit later this year so expect some rain. Hard to advise on swimming weather, most 9 year olds I know will have a good splash in any weather! Would not recommend your 9 year olds swim here but our , much older kids, love this spot near Blanket Bay:

      I am not sure how the booking situation is at Easter. If you are doing the GOW you really need to book your sites / nights.

      Have a great trip and thanks for the positive feedback


  2. Ursula says

    Hi Sue & Frank,
    I’d appreciate your advice: I am planning to do the GOW in a few weeks, but due to some campsites not being available on ‘my’ dates, my first walk-in campsite is going to have to be
    Cape Otway. Parks Vic recommend starting either from near Elliot Ridge Campsite (Shelley Beach), a ca 22.5 k distance or from Blanket bay campsite, a ca 10.5 k distance.
    I am fit and not a slow walker and the first parts of the walk are all described as ‘easy’ or ‘easy/medium’ – though i am aware this can be misleading.
    Do you think it would be possible (without being complete madness) to walk the whole distance from Apollo bay to Cape Otway in one day – weather etc permitting etc ? This would add another ca. 10 k, making it a ca. 32.5 distance, which I am not afraid of as long as the tracks are mostly flat and easy.
    Also wanted to say that a friend and I walked the OT a few months ago – using your book for planning and guidance; it was invaluable. Thank you!

    • Frank says

      Hi Ursula,
      Thanks for your positive feedback on the Overland Track book! Much appreciated and we are grateful it was a help.

      Ok, the GOW.

      You are correct, the section from Apollo Bay to Cape Otway campsite is probably the easiest. Not many hills, good open tracks and relatively easy walking. 32km in one day is a massive day if you are carrying your gear (especially with all your food for the trip) It is not something we would do on purpose…

      There are other campsites at Blanket Bay other than the GOW campsites. We camp there regularly, it is free and as long as it is not a weekend (or a long weekend or Easter or “in season” where bookings are required) you can usually nab a site if you are there before 4pm (the backpackers in their wicked vans tend to start arriving then)

      There are also campsites at Parker Hill (between Blanket Bay and Cape Otway) Water supply is not guaranteed but there is a toilet.

      Starting at Shelly Beach (as suggested by Parks) is probably a good option as the first section of the track is basically through Apollo Bay and Marengo. There are some nice views in this section but the real, spectacular stuff increases the further along the track you get towards the 12 Apostles.

      When I was guiding on the GOW we often started a day at Shelly Beach and walked to Blanket Bay for a late lunch (I think about 3 hrs) Blanket Bay to Cape Otway would be 2-3 hrs. Allowing for breaks, carrying gear and photo stops etc, 6 hrs walking is a pretty big day .

      Finally, depending on the weather the section between Elliot River and Blanket bay can have sections of mud and slime. It is a “road” or vehicle access track BUT can get really muddy if it has been wet. This slows you rights down. Worth taking into account when you calcolate walking times.

      Hope this all helps, shoot more questions if I have missed anything.

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