Aire River to Joanna – Great Ocean Walk

A gentle start to the day was had by all as we awoke to perfect conditions, blue sky and not too much wind. The night had been cold and the stars totally visible as we enjoyed our warm sleeping bags. We had a great cook up of fresh food for breaky and then following a short car shuffle to Castle Cove, we all headed out for a gentle morning stroll around the coast. This was a relatively easy walk and following a break at Castle Cove where Deb took the car to Joanna, the remaining four headed off.
Below: Having a break at Castle Cove


Right (lunch near Moonlight Head)

There is a quite boring inland section here although there were a couple of highlights because we spied some beautiful toadstools and the famous Otway’s carnivorous snail. (see pictures below)

The only REALLY BAD PART was when we reached Joanna beach and we all faced a difficult hour as we struggled into a gale forced head wind over the whole length of the very soft sand on the beach.
Helen took off like there was a bottle of Bundy with ice and cold Pepsi waiting for her at the campsite. Unfortunately she also filled her boots with water on the river crossing and had to spend the evening drying them out (successfully).

We were stuffed (I was anyway) by the end of the beach, and when we FINALLY headed inland there was still quite a grunt to the hiking campsite. We were rewarded with a great location and excellent campsite perched on top of a hill overlooking the huge waves that were rolling into Joanna. An early night was taken and lying in bed listening to the roar of the ocean was fantastic.

Pictures below, our campsite….absolutely million $$$$ views and one of the GOW shelters, beautifully constructed, practical and DRY!

View from the shelter out to the ocean at Joanna

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  1. david nankivell says

    thank you so much for all this, two of us are heading for the GOW this easter (2010) information about the walk seems very hard to get aspecially usefull info, your site is sensational
    thanks once again!!


    • Frank says

      No worries David,
      Glad you found the site helpful We have a fair bit about the GOW scattered around the blog. It is a great walk, hope the weather is fantastic! Mmm, gets my brain thinking that an eBook might be handy!

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