Lighthouse to Aire River – Great Ocean Walk

It was now car shuffle time as Deb’s knee was still playing up, so off she went to Aire River by car to meet up with Helen who took the track. A fairly lazy day was had, by all accounts, as this section is only 10 km’s. They then faced the quandary of where to camp…..the Hikers area or the planned area with fireplaces (as Sue, John and Frank were bringing wood, nibbles and liquid refreshment for a good old sit around the fire night that evening) . The correct decision was made (stuff em, I heard told, we are pushing for the Hikers area, that shelter was too good to not use)

Below is the Aire River bridge and camping area. The GOW campsites are to the left (west) of the bridge in the bush.

Sue, John and Frank arrived in plenty of time before dark and we happily set up in the hikers area to the west of the Aire River. There was a LOT OF STUFF to transport up the hill but once that was done, camp sites selected, tents erected and gear sorted, the Champers was opened. A very pleasant night was had in serious comfort.

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  1. Peter says

    Hi there!

    I’m planning on taking a hiking trip from the Cape Otway Lighthouse to Aire River West.

    Was hoping to get some tips.

    Is there clear signing or do I need a map?



    • Frank says

      Hi Peter,
      The signage along the whole of the Ocean walk is very good. Maps are always good, but probably unnecessary in this case.

      Keep an eye on the tide when you get to Station Beach, if it is very high take the inland route. If you have plenty of time, the walk back along Station beach to Rainbow Falls is interesting.

      It is a bit of a grunt from Station beach till you get to the Aire River escarpment (and great views)

      Have a great day out and hope this helps


  2. Peter says

    Hi Frank! Thanks so much for your advice and help!

    Looking very forward to doing this in a couple of weeks!

    What do you mean by Station beach to Rainbow Falls is interesting? Sounds intriguing!

    • Frank says

      Hi Peter,
      Interesting it the fact that if you are doing that area as a day walk, you have time to backtrack to Rainbow Falls and check them out. They are, well, interesting!
      Have fun

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