Day 2 – Blanket Bay to the Lighthouse – Great Ocean Walk

Our intrepid walkers woke dry and ready to face the next day following their interrupted night and the very heavy precipitation. Great little tents those Storm Shelter 2’s from Snowgum. Unfortunately Deb’s knee had decided to play up and decisions had to be made about what to do next, and how. One given was that this dodgy knee was not going to make Deb a quitter and an intricate plan was hatched to save the day. The car was needed so Helen set off BACK to Marengo to get the trusty CRV and Deb headed in the opposite direction to limp, well sort of, to the Lighthouse. Helen made it back, after only being geographically challenged for a short time and Deb made it to her destination.

Well done ladies. I understand a couple of rums were consumed that night to ease both their pain……

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