Overland Pictures I really like

Below is a selection of random photos that I really like from the DVD that Colin put together from everyone’s pictures. Sorry I have not acknowledged who took what but you know who you are!!

Colin’s Snake – cool heh???
Doesn’t look that comfortable
Gotta love the way nature gets around things, or who moved the rock?
Now that is happy!

Nice spot for a swim, Lake Windemere John’s boots by Neil

Happy Helen

The Peak Baggers

Look like a wanker BUT totally unposed

Lake Will from Barn Bluff – note the beaches – nice one Colin

Echo Point
Last night feast

Sue’s favourite tree

Happy Birthday to ME


  1. macca says

    nice pics Frank. RE: “looks like a wanker” photo. If that’s a wanker pose, than I can only imagine what I mus look like in my hiking photos. I pride myself on being the hiking photo wanker :)

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