Windemere to Pelion Hut – Overland Track

OK, a big day ahead for our merry band with a long walk (read grunt here) to Pelion Hut. Pic at right is lunch at Leachy Frog Flats (Neil got 3!)

We were away early, some of us like a decrepit greyhound, others like a bloody one year old colt or is that gelding?). But the good news, no blisters, feet pretty good all round, most of us sleeping at least 4-5 hours per night and no one has killed anyone yet. (other than most of us wanting to hurt Simon in some way … only because he is smart and funny …..sometimes)
It was a relatively good walking day, not too may people to pass; really , really great vistas AND scenery; a reasonable temperature and a great hut as the destination. The grunt from Frog Flats up to Pelion did not cause any chest pain and other than a light sprinkling of rain it was a really great day. We all arrived in one piece at Pelion Hut and due to Deb and Colin’s early arrival, they managed to “hold” a room for most of us (John and Brian were already there and secreted in their own space)
A perfect evening followed, with great food, delightful company and wonderful yarns, all occuring before a fabulous vista. (where’s the violin??) We all slept pretty well except Deb who ended up on the veranda, with her possum mates, escaping the snorers in the adjoining room.
Pic below – Mt Oakleigh at sunset from Pelion Hut veranda. (must be a million of these pics all over the world)
Colin had “bagged” Mt Oakleigh in the afternoon and had arrived back pretty stuffed, and very muddy from his stroll.

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