Echo Point Hut to End of Overland Track

A wonderful early morning vista was our treat today as we woke up on the shore of Lake St Clair. The early morning light was delightfully subtle and the chill in the air invigorating. Four of us had decided to take the boat out from here so the ‘through walkers” headed off early for the visitors centre and to be ready for the 12 o’clock bus down to Hobart. We enjoyed a very pleasant time taking in the spectacular scenery as we waited for the boat to take us to the end. This is one lovely piece of paradise. Our arrival at the visitors centre was , as usual, tinged with mixed feelings. It was great to have a real coffee and load up on the carbs, but of course sad to know we would be leaving this special place. A few beers were consumed by those thirsty for a drop and, as usual, some more tall tales and highlights of the week were exchanged. Another fantastic Tassie experience drew to a close as we boarded the bus and headed off to Hobart for a couple of days R&R. Special thanks to Sue, Helen & Neil, Simon, John, Brian and Deb & Colin , you were a great crew to walk with and provided wonderful company to celebrate my 50th birthday.

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