Day Four – Pelion to Kia Ora Hut – Overland Track – Tasmania

A short day was planned for today as the side trip to Mt Ossa beckoned the hale and hearty. The grunt up Pelion Gap was beautiful, unfortunately it had not got any more level and it was quite an “up”in the very warm weather. It had been very, very dry over the whole walk and underfoot the walking was easy with minimal mud. ….which is a GOOD thing.
Pic below, Deb, a happy hiker

Pic above, Sue’s Pencil Pines, edge of track up to Ossa

At the Ossa junction, Colin headed off to East Pelion and John, Brian, Helen, Neil and Simon tackled Ossa with great success. The weather was clear and the climbing relatively easy. Phone calls were made to home and reassurances received that all was well.

The rest of us un intrepid adventurers headed off to Kia Ora and a very refreshing dip in the great river that runs by the hut there….icy but soooo nice.

We set up on a great platform with fantastic views of the light on the distant mountain. A wonderfully relaxing evening followed chatting to everyone on the sun drenced platform at the rear of the hut. Nice day had by all, I reckon.
Below left, tent platform Kia Ora, right, the group, looking pretty fit and happy …..

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