Lake Elizabeth Platypus – Otway National Park

A warm up walk for the Overland Track AND we see a Platypus!

A few of us went to Lake Elizabeth, near Forrest, for a warm up walk in preparation for the Overland Track in Tasmania in 10 days (yippee!!!) We walked a route that Colin and I had done late last year , with the plan to do about 15km. It was great walking except the track was often really greasy and a couple of us (me being one of them) fell. This broke my well loved and used walking pole :-( so off to David at Mountain Designs for a newy next week. The highlight of the trip was seeing a platypus on a little beach on the south side of Lake Elizabeth. We had decided to stop there for a break and were just chatting , waiting for a couple of stragglers to arrive and when I spied the platypus feeding right on the edge of the lake , burrowing its bill frantically into the edge in about 4 inches of water.

It was fantastic and just ignored us and fed for about 10 minutes. The next morning I told the Parks Ranger about it and he said he had not seen one there for 4-5 years…..made us feel very honoured that this great little creature chose to appear while we were there.

We had a very pleasant evening around the fire and then slept pretty well following a big day up and down those Otway hills and a couple of , yes to use the old term, well earned drinks.

A great short break and warm up for the main event in February.


  1. macca says

    great stuff. I think you are officially the only person I know who has seen a platypus in the wild.

    It looks pretty big as well (at least, bigger than I thought they were).

  2. Eric says

    Enjoying your blog. Keep up the good work. Just wanted to ask if this place is suitable for me, wife and 6yo daughter to try our first camping trip? We enjoy our bushwalking and slowly training my daughter to do more distance and more time walking. (up to 7km/ 2-3hrs).

    • Frank says

      Hi Eric,
      Thanks for the comment(s). Can you tell me where you are based? Might be than able to come up with a couple of options.

      One thing you might consider is to find a caravan park in the off season (when it is a bit quieter) A lot of them have camping areas away from the caravans etc where you can “practice” camping with your daughter but still have good facilities such as toilets and showers!
      Another option is to check out National Parks that are nearby and have camping areas. You could even take a day trip to check it out beforehand. Then you know what is provided and what you need to take.

      Hope this helps!

      • Eric says

        I live at box hill. We have stayed at grampians and wilsons prom to do short walks haven’t camped there yet.

  3. Eric says

    Oops clicked too quick. was going to say as well, that we are working towards doing overnight trip but the hard part is deciding when is the right time. I have done some during my high school days myself but that is the extend of my experience.

  4. Robin says

    The “Parks Vic” ranger hasn’t seen any for 4 – 5 years because they probably haven’t been up there for 4 to 5 years!!! Try getting up at the crack of dawn on a still morning and watch all the activity on the water – magic!

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